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Porthcawl Swimming Dragon School of Sun Style Tai Chi and martial arts

Tai Chi is a method of exercise for health, based on martial art movements performed slowly without undue exertion. The rarer full martial art it is derived from is usually called Taiji Quan where Quan means martial art. The solo routines now taught as Tai Chi is the novice part of full Taiji Quan. It is suitable for all ages.
The Sun Style of Taiji Quan is one of the most famous classical styles, but unfortunately it is not yet very well known outside China. This situation is now changing.

All styles of Tai Chi are helpful for maintaining health. The Sun Style has however a special stepping method that has been acknowledged as making it the best style of Tai chi for use as a therapy for the prevention and management of joint problems like arthritis, as well as providing good exercise for other health issues.

The Chief school instructor John , recognised in 2000 by the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain as an advanced (A grade) teacher of Sun Style Martial arts, was trained by the then head of Sun Style in the UK, Mr David Martin of Leicester. Unfortunately Mr Martin has had to retire from teaching due to illness and John's mentor is now an even better teacher, lineage holder Mr. Per Nyfelt of Sweden. He has consented to being the honorary Principal of our Swimming Dragon School, and our School is now affiliated to his San Cai Martial Arts Research Fellowship.

John, originally a fourth dan Aikido instructor began teaching Sun Style Tai chi in 1998 in Porthcawl establishing the Swimming Dragon School in 2000 as the first organisation in Wales dedicated to teaching of Sun Style Tai Chi and the three Sun Style versions of the main three internal martial arts of China. The School is a non profit organisation, a full member of BAVO, Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations. Some pupils have now advanced to the stage that with help from John they have been able to start their own independent profit making clubs. John now teaches Qigong exercise and with the help of his Swedish mentor, gives instruction in the full range of the martial arts taught by Sun Lutang and his daughter Sun Jian Yun. That is Sun Style Xing Yi Quan and Sun Style Bagua Quan as well as the more popular Sun Style Taiji Quan, (where Quan means martial art)

John is fortunate to now have a mentor who is arguably the best Sun Style expert in Europe.
Teacher Nyfelt trained for ten years with Sun Jian Yun and since he speaks Chinese fluently, he learned much more than other European disciples. 

John in collaboration with a senior physiotherapist from Moriston Hospital has also developed a special simplified Tai Chi programme of moderate solo movements based on Sun Style Tai Chi and called the Variable Easy Tai Chi for Health, or VETCH therapy. Very suitable for hospitals, homes for the elderly etc. and includes complementary sitting Tai Chi movements. The five exercises are practised in novel very short repetitive cycles never before used, making any practise variable in content and length. A practise method which John has now patented. Special free Teacher training is available for those wanting to gain a teachers license to teach this simplified copyright Tai Chi therapy. Age Cymru expressed an interest to teach the therapy all over Wales. For details see the website http://www.easysuntaichi.org.uk

The Swimming Dragon School,also other Sun Style clubs or special groups run by licensed teachers of John's copyright VETCH exercise Tai Chi therapy all belong to a free and friendly "Sun Style Tai Chi Association of Wales" organisation. As unlike classical Sun Style Tai Chi physiotherapists can alter movements from time to time, all licensed teachers are required to liaise with John via the for implementing any updated alterations making our association essential. Also the Association gives free training to therapy teachers who want to later move on to the full unchanging classical Sun Style arts. The Associations website:

See page 2 for Swimming Dragon classes and Page 3 for details of our School Principal and Mentor.

E-mail Swimming Dragon School of Tai Chi on sunsdragon@hotmail.com

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