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The Sun Style Tai Chi Association of Wales is an organisation all licensed teachers of the copyright Health and Wellbeing Tai Chi Therapy must belong to, for updating purposes. The Association also provides training in Classical Sun Style martial arts as taught by lineage holder Per Nyfelt of Sweden. Members of our Association can also belong to other friendly associations or groups studying other arts, or none. 
Membership is open to members outside Wales to join us. For members too far away to visit us we operate an on line internet service.

The Sun Style Tai Chi Association of Wales does not impose membership costs. It is simply a focal point for friendly groups having an interest in teaching our Sun Style Tai Chi therapy, and studying the classical Sun Style arts as taught by Teacher Nyfelt, to meet in friendship.

Teacher Nyfelt is the President and Mentor of the Health and Wellbeing Tai Chi School located in Bridgend South Wales. The head instructor of the School, Is John Crockett. He will provide help and assistance to School members, and keep records of all external Teacher Licence holders Association members on behalf of the Association.

There will be no Association annual membership fee for members or organisations to pay to the Association, and apart from membership, all clubs or organisations will be run independently.


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