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Porthcawl Neijia martial arts

Neijia Martial arts are softer and more inclined to defensive skills than Wajia or the hard martial which are more inclined to teach attack as a defence.
The Swimming Dragon School has opened a new Neijia martial arts evening class in room 5 at the Trinity Church John Street Porthcawl. 6.30pm Tuesday evenings .
The class is the only one of its kind in Wales and expertly teaches the rare internal or gentle martial arts methods of Chinese martial arts master Sun Lutang and Japanese martial arts master Morihei Ueshiba.
Practice is very relaxed and friendly with no falls or competitions. Members will partner other members and cooperate to develop their self defence skills. As the syllabus is extensive it requires pupils with dedication and good learning ability. Children under 11 are thus not regarded as suitable students.

For further information Ring 01656-784991

Also see website: sunsneijiawales.webeden.co.uk

E-mail Porthcawl Neijia Kung Fu on sunporthcawl@yahoo.co.uk

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