Meditation in Wales


These are drop-in classes that consists of two guided meditations and a talk giving advice on how to combat stress and increase the causes of happiness in everyday life. Especially designed for those with little or no experience of meditation, the classes are self contained and open to all.

The classes begin with 20-30 minutes of guided simple breathing and relaxing meditation. Then a talk is given by the teacher on the subject
for the week, always very practical methods for overcoming minds like impatience, our stress, or anxieties. After this, the teacher leads
another meditation, to help familiarise our mind with the evening`s
subject. Then, over tea and biscuits, a group discussion is encouraged where questions can be brought up within the group or individually with
the teacher.

These classes are self contained, so you can attend any class you chose.
However, you may receive more benefit from attending the whole course and so gain a fuller understanding of the subject.

Dharmavajra Buddhist Centre in Swansea

Springfield House,
Ffynone Road,
Swansea SA1 6DE
Tel: 01792 458245

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