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Laleston Community Council is the first level of local government for the community of Laleston. In addition to the village of Laleston, the Council covers Bryntirion and Brynhyfryd [part], Broadlands, Cefn Glas [part] and Llangewydd Court.

The Members of the Council are as follows-

Cefn Glas 1 Ward

Cllr Dave Harrison, 30 Westward Place, Bryntirion
667414 -

Cllr Stephen Sloan, 26 Blaen y Cwm, Broadlands CF31 5AG -

Cllr Tony Berrow, 7 Llwyn Castan, Broadlands

Cllr Roger Davies, 4 Fairfield Close, Broadlands

Cefn Glas 2 Ward

Cllr Briony Davies, 7 Llwyn Castan,Broadlands

Cllr Abigail Hicks, 11 Nant Ffornwg, Llan Court.

Cllr Bernice M McLeer 11 Nant Ffornwg Llangewydd Court Bridgend CF 31 4TJ tel 669955 -

Cllr Mrs Pam Davies, 1 Maes yr Eglwys, Broadlands CF31 5DG Tel 658490

Laleston Bryntirion Ward

Cllr Thomas W Green Bryn-y-Fro 55 High St Laleston Bridgend tel 659288 -

Cllr Cheryl Green Bryn-y-Fro 55 High St Laleston Bridgend tel 659288

Cllr Major Wayne Morgan MBE, 41 Clos Henblas, Broadlands,CF31 5EU tel 766533 -

Cllr Ian Spiller, 3 Carn Wen, Broadlands
CF31 5BW Tel 07971 659011

Cllr Kathy Lewis, 41 Church View, Laleston
CF32 0HF 768508

Terry Lardeau-Randall is Clerk to the Council and works part time as the sole administrative and financial officer serving the Council.

His address is 19 Austin Avenue, Porthcawl
CF36 5RS -
Tel 01656 771880.

Functions of the Council

The Council draws its income primarily from the precept which is part of the Community Charge raised by Bridgend County Borough Council.

The Council owns and manages allotments at High Street Laleston. Plots when available are £10 rent per annum, currently there are twenty persons on the waiting list.

The Council acts as an agent for Bridgend County Borough Council by maintaining and improving the public rights of way in the community.

The Council manages the Blandy Hall, Laleston where it holds its meetings on the third Thursday of each month commencing at 7pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend but can only speak at a meeting where the Chairman has previously given consent. If appropriate, the Chairman and Council will consider adjourning te meeting for fifteen minutes to allow residents, in attendance, to make observations to te Council.

The Blandy Gardens, attached to the Hall also incorporate boules courts. If you would wish to organise a game, again please contact the Clerk.

The Council issues discretionary grants to local groups and good causes. Please apply in writing to the Clerk providing details of approved accounts for your group where these are available. Grants are also available to individuals, for example to enable them to participate in national/international competitions. 

The Council is consulted by the Principal Council, Bridgend County Borough Council on such matters as planning applications, highway orders, licensing applications etc.

The Council considers reports from Members at each meeting and constituents can either write to the Clerk with items which they would like considered or approach a Member to raise them at the next meeting.

The Council undertakes projects directly and in partnership with local bodies and Bridgend County Borough Council.

It has sponsored the formation of a youth facility in the Bryntirion and Laleston Community Centre with the assistance of the local outreach youth worker.


In recent years the Council has directly funded the following-

Street lamp mounted Christmas Illuminations throughout the community.

An ongoing programme of erecting Notice boards. If a local group or organisation would like to publicise forthcoming events please contact the Clerk or other key holders ie, Cllrs. C Faulkner (Cefn Glas Post Office), T Green (Laleston and Broadlands) or B McLeer (Barnes Avenue/Bryngolau). Contact details are listed above.

The Community Council continues to fund the Summer Play Scheme held in the community which is organised by Bridgend County Borough Council.

Children’s’ Play Areas- The Council has jointly funded the refurbishment of the Wordsworth Avenue, Chelsea Avenue, Bryntirion and Laleston play areas.

It has funded also two large projects at Bryntirion and Laleston.

At Bryntirion, following consultation with representatives of the yout facility, the Council funded the supply and erection of a REKK Youth Shelter together with three items of teenager play equipment.

At Laleston, again following a representation from young persons of the village in 1999, it has funded the supply and erection of a Multi Use Games Area [MUGA] to accommodate tennis, basketball, netball and five aside soccer. This facility is shared with Trelales Primary School whose pupils have sole use during school term time / hours. The general public has use during evenings, weekends and all school holidays.

Laleston CC has developed links with the Police via the PACT meetings and the Broadlands Residents Associaion via the BRA meetings. Individual Councillors attend both on a regular basis.

Minutes of the meetings are available to the general public at any reasonable hour by prior arrangement with the Clerk. There may be a nominal charge if numerous copies are requested. Please see Page 2 for recent items of news/interest from the Minutes.

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