Gofal Cymru

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Gofal Cymru Leading Innovation and Quality in Mental Health Services

Gofal Cymru is a registered charity providing a range of community based support services for people with mental health problems which inlcude:

Tenancy/floating support
Housing support and advice
Work Preparation
Supported housing
Out of hours support
Family support
Hospitals to home scheme
Crisis House and Carers Support Programme.

For more information on the services we provide and what is available in your area, visit our website: www.gofalcymru.org.uk

Or contact central office:
26 Dunraven Place
CF31 1JD
Tel: 01656 647722
Fax: 01656 647733
e-mail: centraloffice@gofalcymru.org.uk

E-mail Gofal Cymru on centraloffice@gofalcymru.org.uk

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