Charity Trek in aid of Ty Hafan

Photo of Anne in Sahara Desert

I Did it! £2146 was raised for Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice

Doing a trip like this you get back to basics as you don’t have your home comforts such as privacy, toilets and showers that we take for granted at home. You very quickly bond with your fellow trekkers and you all look out for each other and help those who are struggling. There were some casualties with sunstroke, tonsillitis and blisters and they were transported ahead to camp by the back up vehicle or camels. We were provided with showers a few times, these were basically a tent with a bucket of water and hose overhead – the water was not heated but was very refreshing after trekking in temperatures between 40 – 50 degrees Centigrade! Toilets were set up in camp and were tents with a hole dug in the ground – you get used to squatting or using a bush when trekking during the day! You do need a sense of humour!

The food provided was very healthy and there was lots of it. The Berbers carried the food supplies with them the whole week and it was amazing too come back to camp after the day’s walk and have mint tea and freshly baked cake.

There were 32 trekkers all involved with various charities from various parts of the UK and the tour leaders and Doctor. We were supported by the Berbers who guided us through the desert, set up camp each night, cooked our meals and handled the camels that carried our luggage. In the evenings they also provided impromptu entertainment with their singing and drums around the campfire. The Berbers were really wonderful friendly people and at the end of the trip we presented them with our walking shoes, T Shirts and medical supplies to help them and the other Berber communities; it was very emotional.

Anne will be doing another charity trek through Jordan in October to raise money for Ty Hafan.  The difference between doing a charity trek and a trekking holiday is on a charity trek everyone has a sense of purpose and duty to represent their chosen charity and it is the sense of achievement that keeps everyone going when the going gets tough. It was also a very emotional experience knowing you have helped those less fortunate than yourself.

Anne would like to thank everyone at BCBC who has helped in one way or another, Swallows, Nantyffyllon Primary School, The Lions Club of Bridgend, Colin Floyd Bathrooms, Stuart Jones Kitchens, Paul Eckloff Photography, The Carne Arms, The Lamb and Flag Wick, The Beauty Spot, Sainsbury’s, AA Carpentry and everyone else for their support and encouragement.

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