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The Maesteg Local Committee of Cancer Research UK was established in 1966.
Since this date they have raised in excess of £250,000 for this very emotive Charity.

A proud boast is that they have only ever had two Chairmen, firstly the late Glyn Devine and its present Chairman, the ‘larger than life’, Anthony Mullins.

The Committee, since 1st October contain no less than twenty five members, of which thirteen are 6th form students from Maesteg Comprehensive School.
This influx of ‘new blood’ was initiated via a letter sent by our Secretary, Lisa Howells to the School inviting their participation as we all appreciate the importance of community partnerships.

As a Committee we try to organise one fundraising event every two months e.g. Quizzes, Concerts by local Societies/Choirs, Annual Street Collection to name but a few.

The Committee meet on the first Thursday of each month (except August) at Maesteg Harlequins RFC and are indebted to them for their hospitality and generosity afforded us.

If anyone is interested and you feel you can contribute some time to the Charity please join us at any of our meetings, you will be made most welcome.

Lisa Howells ~ Secretary
Maesteg Branch, Cancer Research UK

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