Sker & Pink Bay Lifesaving Club

View of Kenfig sand dunes

Lifeguards, Sker & Pink Bay Lifesaving Club

A Surf Lifesaving club web site for club promotion, and information (for new and current members).

The purpose of this portal is to provide an online communications tool for the members and friends of the Sker Lifesaving Club.

The system allows registered users to post comments, news and reviews and generally express their opinions.

The success of a portal like this is in your hands. Content is what makes a portal worth visiting, so the more stories, news and comments you all post, the more interesting the site will be.

New members of the club are always welcome - come down and talk to us at Pyle Pool on a Monday night (8-10pm) or vist us at the Pink Bay on a Sunday afternoon.

Telephone 01656740380

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