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Welcome to the EcoDysgu website. WE NOW HAVE OUR OWN WEBSITE ON Its fab!! We will no longer update the pages of this site.

If you have a specific enquiry then please feel free to contact us by phone 01656 728137, e-mail or even good old fashioned post.

What is EcoDysgu - EcoLearn?
EcoDysgu is an environmental education centre offering workshops and courses in creative expression, surrounded by 42 acres of nature, supported with complementary healing practices, following a model of education we call Learning to Heal - Healing to Learn. Our workshops help people discover talents they have never had the chance to express and through this they find renewed self-confidence and optimism.

In addition to our workshops we embrace a holistic attitude, recognising that the results of every action may manifest in many other ways than the result that was intended. Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us and we will be developing the site with the local communities to preserve the natural beauty and historical value of the site for the benefit of all.

We are very proud of our barn conversion into a 12 bed bunkhouse, community room and cafe. For more details see page 10.

We love to meet new people from every background, so feel free to drop us a line or come up to Tondu House Farm to see what we are all about. You can also get involved yourself by joining the ever increasing numbers of DEVA`s (Directing Energy through Voluntary Action).

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