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Air Cadets Adran ( Penybont ar Ogwr ) 1092 [ Bridgend ] Squadron Air Trai

The  A I R  C A D E T S

We are a National, but Communtiy based youth Organisation, founded in 1941 and (in small part) sponsored by the RAF to foster an interest in aviation and in the Royal Air Force. We are Not a recruiting organisation but can help in preparation for service in the RAF or other forces.
   Now very much part of wider remit of social inclusion, empowerment of young people and facilitating future employment, through volunteer training. The Air Cadets prepare enthusiastic young people to take their place in Adult life in the Services or in Civilian Employment.
   Minimum required - Parents/Guardian consent and have achieved your 13th Birthday [ this is being reviewed for future inclusion of anyone in year 7 onwards ] and Sufficiently fit to undertake all aspects of training. [ Severe Asthma can be an inhibiting problem.]
   We FLY light Aircraft, with opportunities of flying in Royal Air Force operational-aircraft & helecopters. Glide in the ATC`s own fleet of Gliders at St.Athan and at Swansea airport. [ You will have the opportunity to `Win` your own Wings at just age 16yrs!] - Shoot small & full-bore rifles and fire shotguns. Undertake Training-courses and Adventurous Training including advanced training in climbing and Kayaking. The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme - The ATC is the BIGGEST provider of the DofE in the country and You can transfer ATC skills into County-schemes and vice-versa . . .
   Sports - Rugby / Soccer / 5-a-side [ boys & girls ] / Athletics / Cross-country / Swimming / Netball & Hockey [girls only] and Lots, Lots more . . . . We can train you up to 'Instructor of First-Aid-in-the-Workplace. Come along and Fly our state of the art Flight simulator and find-out just what you have been missing !

   Where and when ? On Tuesday an Friday evenings, 49 weeks of the year at Joslin Terrace, Coity, Telphone :649092 or e-mail us at or visit us on-line at

   We have vacancies for adults too - particulary ex-service or former cadets, parents or adult siblings, as fundraisers, instructors or in future as uniformed nco's of the Air-cadet organisation or as a commissioned officer of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

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